Monsoon & Good Health

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Rainy weather can bring along a host of health concerns. Particularly in times like COVID-19 pandemic, one needs to be more cautious. Region’s leading homeopath, Dr Vivek Mohan, guides on the do’s and don’ts during the monsoon.

What should one avoid eating in monsoon season?
Monsoon brings damp and warm weather. This promotes the growth of fungus on stored foods. Therefore freshness of food items must be confirmed in monsoon season.

How can one avoid sinus? What are the common symptoms?
The infection of sinuses is called sinusitis. It is generally triggered by extremely cold air, food drinks, and change of temperature. It manifests by sneezing, forehead headache, and fever. Avoid items of extreme temperatures. Also, taking steam inhalation by nose helps.

Are there any at-home treatments that can help relieve sinus?
During the current season we must consume foods rich in vitamin C. Drink plenty of fluids and incorporate exercise in the fresh air.

What are the lifestyle changes one should adopt during monsoon to stay away from diseases?
Active lifestyle with foods freshly cooked helps in staying healthy.
Judicious use of air conditioner.

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Dr.Vivek Mohan, MBBS, MF Hom. (London) is India’s leading homeopath.Post Graduate from Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and third generation of accomplished homeopaths.

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