5 books that won’t disappoint you!

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The Satapur Moonstone
By Sujata Massey

Set in the princely state of Satapur this novel unfolds in the most intriguing way. The book is second in the series. The storytelling is fascinating and smart. Let’s see where the next adventure takes us with the third part. The book is great fun to read. Click on the link to buy http://shorturl.at/dFIM2

Bombay Brides
By Esther David

This novel is a great read. The characters are weaved together beautifully with interconnected stories. The flawed characters and storytelling is amazing. It is about Israel Jewish community of India. The author has well written every part of the book. He highlighted the lives of Bombay brides and Indian Jews. The writing shines throughout.Click on the link to buy http://shorturl.at/mvV89

Small Great Things
By Jodi Picoult
With small great things, you will escape to a different world. The story folds in a number of perspectives. The storytelling by Jodi Picoult is so powerful. There is so much happening throughout every chapter of the novel that you cannot predict anything. The story is well executed. A fantastic read, highly recommended.Click on the link to buy http://shorturl.at/oDUV1

The Silent Patient
By Alex Michaelides

The psychological thriller is captivating and addictive. If you like thriller novels this is the one you can’t put down. The book is extremely well written. The story line is very engaging. The Silent Patient is author’s debut novel. You will keep guessing who did it till the last page. Click on the link to buy http://shorturl.at/fpRZ1

The Wedding Date
By Jasmine Guillory

If you want to read a good romance novel, this book will deliver it you from the first page to last. The story truly entertains you and warms your heart. The characters are drawn in an unconventional way. The book is a pleasure to read. Every chapter is a treat for the readers. Definitely swoon worthy! Click on the link to buy http://shorturl.at/lnGHQ

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