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My Work Reflects my Personality says, 22 year old YouTube Star, Sejal Kumar

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When most of her classmates were contemplating various career options, this 22-year-old was busy creating content for her YouTube channel that now has more than four lakh subscribers.

A travel aficionado, she creates fashion and lifestyle videos, which also give some insight into her life. In a conversation with TLJ writer Surbhi Varma, YouTube star Sejal Kumar talks about her passion and more.

How would you explain your job to someone else?

I would say that I am a content creator on YouTube, creating videos twice a week about fashion, travel, and entertainment.

Share your style of creating content on YouTube?

I think my style of creating videos is an extension of my personality. From the way I tell my stories, the colors I use, the style of editing, fonts to even my 3-second introductory graphic, it all gives a very bubbly, cute and whimsical vibe, which is exactly how I am in real life.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your life?

The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine Sejal Kumar YouTube
Sejal Kumar: YouTube Young Star

A typical day would be doing some exercise in the morning, answering emails, filming a small sequence for an upcoming video, editing a pre-filmed video, brainstorming ideas and strategies and speaking with brands for collaborations. My day usually ends with some downtime on Netflix and singing along my Ukulele!

What is one thing about your job that no one would expect?

The amount of admin work required! I spend a lot of time planning logistics, dealing with brands and maintaining the upkeep of the business side of the channel.

What is your main source of inspiration when it comes to staying up-to-date in the fashion industry?

Instagram and YouTube channels are a great source of inspiration for all kinds of styles as there so many great creators out there publishing their content on these sites.

What is your advice for putting together a foolproof outfit?

The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine Sejal Kumar YouTube
A foolproof outfit would definitely be made of basics, say a basic black skater dress and a denim jacket paired with converse! Easy but cute!

At the moment are there certain trends/styles that you are loving or hating?

I am loving the baker boy hat trend at the moment and I managed to get a vintage hat from Amsterdam that I am very excited about! As far as trends I don’t enjoy are concerned, I would say glitter lipstick.

Do you have a go-to outfit formal? If so what is it?

A go-to formal outfit for me would be cropped trousers, a silk tank top paired with a smart blazer.

Is there one article of clothing you absolutely cannot live without?


Whom do you envision as your target audience?

College-going or working girls who love high street brands and budget shopping and of course love YouTube.

What is new on your channel?

The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine Sejal Kumar YouTubeI have put up an epic Vlog Series of my solo backpacking trip in Europe. It is called Indian Girl Backpacking in Europe.

Where do you see yourself in years to come?

I see myself making YouTube videos, working on some amazing projects and ventures, traveling a lot, and most importantly enjoying myself.

What is your noteworthy accomplishment outside, YouTube?

I just graduated from SRCC with a BA degree in Economics (Honours), which I am extremely proud of.

How has your life changed post putting up your blog?

I am much more focused and ambitious. I have taken up work with so much passion that it has changed the way I lead my life! Apart from that, I got some amazing opportunities to travel and work with great content creators.

Do you believe that page rank plays an important role in YouTuber’s life?

Not at all.

How often do you interact with your followers?

Everyday. From posting videos twice a week on YouTube and interacting in the comment section, to posting stories and pictures on Instagram every day, I make sure to keep the interaction as much as possible.

Have you come across someone intriguing in your life?

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Hank Green at VidCon Australia. He inspired me so much with the incredible empire he has built up from scratch and motivated me to hustle as much as possible to reach my goals.

How much time does it take in creating videos?

It usually takes me 2 days to come up with the video idea, write the script and source all the materials I need for it. It can take 1-2 days to film it and another 2 days to edit.

The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine Sejal Kumar YouTube

How do you come up with video ideas? Do you post daily/ weekly?

I usually brainstorm every other week to plan my future videos based on recommendations from viewers. I post videos every Monday and Friday i.e twice a week.

Who does your amazing videography and photography?

Friends, family and freelance photographers/videographers I work with per project basis.

Which camera do you use?

Sony A7 ii for main videos and pictures, Canon G7x ii and GoPro Hero 6 for vlogs.

Where do you buy your clothes from, and why?

Mostly from high street brands such as H&M, Zara etc and street markets. This is because they do not burn a huge hole in my pocket!

You have a lot of followers on your channel, how did you manage that?

I think the key to gaining more subscribers and followers is good quality content and consistency. I have followed this for a very long time and have seen a steady growth.

What’s your favorite quote?

Do what you love and love what you do.

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