GBP Group : Building Trust and Creating Quality

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Gupta Builders and Promoters Pvt. Ltd., famously known as GBP Group, has been gaining trust and popularity with its footprint dating back to 2004. The company took a big jump in 2011 and came to the forefront as a leading real estate developer in Tricity (Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali).

GBP has also won Golden Brick Award for Innovative Concept of the Year in Commercial category in Dubai. In an interview, Anupam Gupta, Director of Sales, GBP, talks to TLJ writer Rupashi about his upcoming project, Centrum & Athens, and also shares his past work experience. Besides doing work, he loves to play cricket and listens to music in his spare time.

You have experience in banking, insurance, and real estate sector. What have you learned from your past work?

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I looked after sales, and the fundamentals of sale are same everywhere. You have to basically understand the psychology of the customer and the team you are handling, and you have to be a good strategist. If you are successful at it, then things fall into place, irrespective of the sector you work in.

GBP’s slogan reads, “Delivering on Promises”. Is the company doing full justice to the slogan?

Every builder has his own story. Somebody is saying that I am creating a quality product or somebody is saying that I am giving a product at a better price compared to other competitors. Our first objective/philosophy is to focus on delivery. Our slogan does not only mean delivering on promises but also delivering overall project proposition in terms of a good product at a good price.

You believe, “Quality performance starts with positive attitude.” How do you maintain your positive attitude in your real life?

Positivity is not something that you borrow. It’s within you, the self-motivation and desire to do something or desire to excel. I feel that we are lucky to have a management that has an open thought process. Every time we build something, we are confident of selling it on time and the reason behind this is our pure intentions.

What is one good thing about GBP?

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The word GBP reflects trust and the feeling of being at home.

How is your ongoing project Centrum different from your other projects?

Centrum itself is a landmark. As of now, we have two malls, Elante in Chandigarh and North Country Mall near Mohali. On the lines of Elante, Centrum is a big project that is coming up in Zirakpur. From offices, food courts, multiplex to a jeweller and bridal market, it will feature everything you expect from a mall.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love to play cricket and tennis. Also, I love listening to music and traveling.

How do you define success?

Success is nothing if you do not work with honesty. Along with honesty, passion, integrity, hard work and smart work open doors to success.

What’s your advice to all the budding entrepreneurs?

Never give up. If you have chosen a particular field then you must stick to it until the end. Follow your instincts and maintain hope even in the face of failure. Rather than giving up, find another way out by re-building your strategies.

Tell us about your future project? 

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Our next big housing project is Athens. Inspired by Greek architecture, it will feature world-class modern amenities like club house, crèche, nursing house, an open-air amphitheater, meditation and yoga centre with 24 hours power back-up and dedicated car parking.

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