Nehal Chudasama: Miss Universe India 2018

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She has an immensely touching teenage story to tell. Being an attractive woman is not her only introduction; she braved her hard-hitting circumstances. Losing your mother to cancer at a tender age of 13 is not an easy experience to copy up with. It took gallons of courage to reach where she is today. For years she faced depression due to her mother’s demise, and look at this phenomenal diva now! She is a fitness consultant, an Emcee, a beauty queen and a winner in her own might. Meet Nehal Chudasama…Miss Universe India 2018..but more importantly- the Queen of Hearts.

Who is Nehal Chudasama in real life?
Putting it in simple words- a highly positive person with a fearless outlook. ‘Mentally strong and passionate’ is how my friends define me. In real life, I feel I am a person who knows the right presentation of emotions at the right time. My genuine humility is my strength!

How would you sum up your Miss Universe India 2018 journey?
For me (since the beginning) it was not just about representing India but the focus was clinching the Miss Universe title and making the nation proud. My hard work, transformation and the entire journey keeps in mind the major pageant. All preparations were made keeping in mind the goal! For anyone else it may be an ordinary growth process, but for me it has been an incredible learning experience that has helped me evolve has a human every single day. It has been a phenomenal growth opportunity in every aspect. Inspiring others with my story has been the best part.

Are you happy and content with your life, personal and professional, at this moment?
Absolutely yes. All these years I have worked hard to reach the place I am today. I am happy that my dream has manifested. I stepped up to take responsibility of my household and family at an early age and therefore I learned how to balance my professional and personal life.

What were your alternate career choices?
I want to serve my nation by joining the Indian Police Services. I also wish to have an alternate career as an entrepreneur who owns a chain of Gymnasium, starting from own country and making it really big worldwide.

What does it take to be a model?
To be anything essentially you need to believe in your goal! It is rightly said that if you believe in it, you can achieve it. Besides that, a fit body can take you places. A healthy and fit lifestyle is much needed. Hard-work coupled with a good plan can help you reach the goal.

You have been a fitness consultant. What is your fitness mantra?
There is no substitute to hard-work. When you are determined to stay fit, there is nothing that can stop you. No practice in the world can give you as much happiness as genuine hard-work can. Trust the process, it will never go vain.

Who is your favorite fashion designer?
Since last few months I have been privileged to wear labels of many leading and work with talented designers, some of them are Swapnil Shinde, Falguni and Shane Peacock, Neeta Lulla, Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Sonaakshi Raaj and love their work. I am keen and looking forward to wearing costumes of another noted designer- Sherri Hill.

Your favorite makeup artist?
Everyone I came across in the industry was brilliantly creative and I truly respect all artists. Just to name one it would be Ayesha Seth for she has not only enhanced my beauty exceedingly well but also shared her knowledge with me (since she is my teacher for Miss Universe preparations).

What are your favorite things to splurge on?
Protein bars, Cosmetics, Wardrobe and Food.

What makes you feel alive?
I have a ‘goal’ to achieve and that has to be one reason to feel alive! I have a life to live and serve, thinking of all this makes my spirit high!

How has your professional journey been so far?
With a positive approach, it has been overwhelming so far and the overall a learning experience has been great. There is no stop to growth.

Who do you consider your role model?
I am a person who seeks inspiration from each and every individual I come across. I believe everyone has something new and unique to teach us. But to name one, Gul Panag is my role model. I somehow feel my aspirations resonate with her personality. She is a beauty queen, a certified pilot, reputed actress and artist, a fitness enthusiast among other roles that she plays. She is a person who has lived life fully by breaking stereotypes and has had an independent fearless way of living, which ultimately is so inspiring for others.

Any chance we’ll be seeing you in the Hindi films soon? I have my future plans ready. Post my reign I will continue to prepare for my first attempt of Union or state Civil services exams. I would also like to invest in my next big dream of owning a chain of fitness centres in India and make it even bigger in future. However since I am a person who lives in the present moment, I am open to all possibilities that come my way.

What is your take on success and failure?
I feel both failure and success are an important part of life. On one hand failure teaches you to rise up again and go for it again with courage, on the other hand success teaches you how to stay grounded and also helps you to give back to the society in a constructive manner.

Favorite holiday destination
Any scenic place particularly North East of India

Favorite food

Favorite movie
3 idiots and many others

Favorite book
The Secret

Your comfort food
Protein bar

Love is
An eternal feeling and respect

How do you deal with setbacks?
Consistency, Hard-work and by setting a clear, focussed goal.

You will be representing India at Miss Universe 2018 contest this year. How excited are you?
Very excited, proud and grateful.

What are the special preparations you did for Miss Universe contest?
Miss Diva organisation has helped me with my preparations very well. We have worked on every aspect equally. To name a few sessions- ramp walk training, hair and makeup, styling, wardrobe, communication and diction, etc.

Walk us through your beauty routine
I think my regular exercise and a healthy diet helps me a lot, besides drinking the required amount of water, cleansing and moisturizing my skin and regular hair spa’s.

What is your personal style?
Dresses and colours that compliment your body and skin must be understood well. Besides confidence and comfort takes you a long way.

How would you describe your style?
Fierce and feminine.

Define a relationship?
Understanding, compatibility and love between two individuals

As a girlfriend you are…
As a human I am truly committed to my aspirations and I am independent.

What draws you to a man?
Intelligence, Humility, Self-respect and respect for women.

A turn off
Unhealthy lifestyle

Your idea of romance
Travel together

A perfect date
Beach dates

Marriage or live in
Depends on the situation. I am fine with any!

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