Partner Yoga

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Mo(ve)ments partnering love, friendship, trust & some fun…

We are born to move, to love and to enjoy! Movement, joy and love are some of the basic ingredients comprising the universe as well as our own existence! The most essential of all these ingredients is but love!

Love is the positive force of life! In the words of Rhonda Bryne, author of the famous book -‘The Secret’ book, “Every single invention, discovery and human creation came from the love in a human heart! You are made of love. It is the very substance and nature of you, life, and the universe.” And even the famous poet, Robert Browning said, “Take away love and our earth is a tomb.”

But why confine love only to romantic lovey-dovey couples, why not in all our relations, be it friends, siblings, relatives or just any one! Let it be expressed in every relation you can think of and every activity you do! And when the ‘love is in the air’ this season, we gonna take it to our yoga practice! Well, if you don’t know, it is officially known as ‘Partner Yoga’! It is a style in which two people support each other in yoga poses that enhances the postures and builds trust and communication. Besides this, it helps as follows:

– Building stronger connections
– Deepening friendships
– Developing social skills
– Breaking the monotony of practising solo
– Recognition of one’s unique strengths
– Deepening and refining stretches & poses
– Bringing in some new challenges, laughter and fun to your existing practise
– And also pushes one to show more often for Yoga practice

Besides this, if we look at the root of word ‘Yoga’ it comes from ‘Yuj’ meaning to combine or unite! It suggests that with yoga, an Individual spirit seeks to unite with the cosmic spirit but how can one seek the unification with the cosmic spirit when one doesn’t know what uniting with the fellow human spirit is alike? Yoga’s essence is of love, compassion and kindness to oneself and others! Guess what, partner yoga can help in that essence of journey somewhere! The best part is you can practice with anyone not necessarily a romantic flame! In fact, Partner Yoga is a huge rage everywhere outside India, it is slowly picking up here too. Human touch can be a therapy; we all have felt the healing power of a hug, a warm hand shake and even of a shoulder to lean on. And we do need more love, joy and greater friendships to support us and brighten lives! Let us feel the joy of partner yoga and try on doing it at home or with friends or even at your local yoga studio! After all, we are borne out of love!

Shobhna Juneja
Yoga & Wellness Coach
In Pictures, Two friends, a leading choreographer and yoga practitioner (Zeeshan Rang) & (Shobhna Juneja) trying Acro Partner yoga poses.

Pictures credit- Rajiv Garg

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