Portraits Of Love- Rubina Dilaik & Abhinav Shukla

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In the words of Abhinav Shukla

When they met
We met at a friend’s Ganpati celebration!  So it was a good start! She was wearing a saree and the way she looked, I could not take my eyes off her. She was so graceful and energetic. 

Fell in love…
I fell in love with her positivity and integrity.  

Craziest/most romantic things
We have done some crazy outdoors, camped alongside beautiful lakes, sky dived,  dined at the world’s best restaurants and seen the most beautiful beaches. 

Words that describes the relationship
Inspiring, adventurous and healthy

Weird habit
Rubina (sometimes) has this obsession about cleanliness! At times she will go out eating street food and then clean the plates and spoons with lime before the food is served! 

Couple goals
I love her desire to tirelessly inspire me, cook for me and take care of me.  

Oh, that’s annoying!
When she abruptly stops the music which I play out loud.

The secret of healthy relationship you swear by
Never lie, never be diplomatic, never hide the emotions and respect each other’s qualities. For instance I like her punctuality and obsession with eating healthy. 

In the words of Rubina Dilaik

When they met
Our paths crossed in 2008, during my first show but I noticed him at a common friend’s Ganpati celebration! I still get goosebumps recalling the day we first met. His walk, his Cargo, his desert camos, I was completely smitten… He is not at all the regular types!

Fell in love…
His intelligence is sexy.  He is humble and grounded and he just doesn’t like regular mundane stuff which makes him drool worthy. I am his fan!

Craziest/ most romantic things
I have done a lot of crazy stuff in love, literally! And I want to do that for the rest of my life with him. And to name a few, I am hydrophobic, yet I have dived into oceans and rivers with him (of course wearing life jackets). We have sky dived and he has made me handle snakes because I dread reptiles!

Words that describes the relationship
Phenomenal, adventurous and constantly evolving!

Weird habit
He hoards on to old electronics, spare car parts, old rusted tools with a hope he will open and repair them (which by the way in past 5 years never has happened)!

Couple Goals
He is secured in his individuality! He is always up for learning new things. He is highly adaptable. He is a wonderful chef. He wrote most honest vows for our wedding. He is always encouraging and supportive of my choices. Well the list goes on; there is so much about him that I fall in love with him over and over again.

Oh, that’s annoying
When he blasts his music system just before I am about to sleep. 

The secret of healthy relationship you swear by
Do’s: Constantly work to keep the passion and surprise element alive in your relationship! 
Always treat your partner as you treated them at the beginning of your relationship, as you were willing to go all out for him/her, remember the same and always do the same, your relationship will never cease to flourish 
Don’ts: You will learn through your own journey, just be willing to learn from your mistakes because every relationship is unique on its own way.

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