Rhea Pillai & Her Temple House

Rhea Pillai & Her Temple House

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Rhea Pillai has innate warmth to her beautiful face as kindness reflects through her mystifying eyes. Honored as the “Woman of the Year” along with Raveena Tandon, Anoushka Shankar and Ritu Beri on International Women’s Day in 2003, the former ace model denies to look anything less than beautiful with the vivacious and unbridled glee evident on her flawless face at 51. In an easy, breezy interview with TLJ she graciously shares her love for traditional Indian sarees and her myriad perspectives on the modelling industry.

The Journey Of Rhea Pillai

Could you tell us about your new passion for traditional Indian sarees? Where and how did this begin?

Rhea Pillai: The Temple House is a venture by me that aims to celebrate the element of reverence and prayer in different ways. Exhibiting temple sarees, Lucknowi chikankari work and many more to come is one way to share what I love to wear when I attend Homas, Pujas, other spiritual functions, traditional celebrations or simply while going to church.

What would you advise young girls who aspire to try their luck in the world of modelling? Would you give a step by step guide for amateur models- how and where do they approach for right platform?

Rhea Pillai: The modelling industry has evolved a lot. There is more professionalism and better remuneration on the professional front. Apart from that, the conventional homes have begun to accept this profession with greater resilience. Indian women, by and large, are very beautiful and as we have become far more aware of style, body language, poise; all one needs is confidence, belief in themselves and the ability to remain true to their own uniqueness. There is no other you. Claim it. Feel beautiful and people will recognise it.

How much life does a serious model have when it comes to crucial assignments? Does having a glamorous professional life/career necessarily affect one’s personal relationships or family?

Rhea Pillai: Today, there are many modelling agencies that handle your work for you. A portfolio/head shots in hand and an agency number on your fingertips can take you places. On every front, balance is the key. Even in the entertainment world, the professional and personal life can be harmonious if there is a balanced approach.

What is your life mantra?

Rhea Pillai: Be true to yourself. Live every moment to the fullest!

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