The Jewel Affair

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Jewellery designer Queenie Singh has been crafting fine jewels for connoisseurs. With her name on the brand, do not be surprised if entertainment stars, architects, artists and other jewellery designers own and wear her pieces. Here is a conversation with her about jewels and more…

Your passion for jewels! So how and when did that happen? What is your vision for ‘Jewels by Queenie’?
I started designing jewellery for myself when I was still a teenager. I have always been passionate about jewellery. Although I studied Mathematics yet developed passion for the intricacies of jewellery. I intend to put Jewels by Queenie on the global map and make a reputed international mark for it.

Please tell us about your upbringing and how did it affect your love for jewels?
My upbringing had nothing to do with my love for jewellery. I think that came to me because of my own passion for it. Although I come from a business family, nobody really is very passionate about jewellery in my family. It was just me who was different and had always admired jewellery. It was at a very young age that I decided to build some sort of a mini empire of jewels, whether for myself or for a business.

You seem to have just the perfect body that any woman craves for! What are your fitness secrets?
Consistency, discipline and balance! I do not believe in diets because then you swing from high to low. I enjoy Yoga and Pilates, a combination of both! Meditation followed by yoga is a must for me.

Is there another side to being a socialite? Does social limelight come with some taxes?
It is basically your attitude that makes the difference. Media glare is always there but it is your own perspective and it is how seriously you take it. You have to continue your life and have your priorities set in a proper manner. Media cannot govern or ruin your life unless you allow it to.

What is your idea of a contemporary Indian woman?
A contemporary Indian woman is a woman who believes in herself and has faith in her abilities. Even if she may not be modern in her day to day lifestyle, her mind should be liberated of cynicism and self-doubt. Besides having a family life and looking after the children, she must follow her own passion whether it is in working or following some kind of creative pursuit because it makes one self dependent and grounded.

Your life’s top mantra!
Live and let live. Life is too short!

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