The Reality Star: Prince Narula

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One name that has become popular in every household! Who doesn’t know him?! After winning Roadies, Splitsvilla and Big Boss, Prince Narula has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. In a candid conversation, he opens about his life as a reality star and his journey to reach this threshold.

As one of the most successful reality star in India after winning back to back three reality shows and eventually becoming a Gang leader in Roadies X4, how did your journey begin?
It was my dad who first of all pushed me to participate for the auditions of Mr. Punjab. I was reluctant at first but he had full faith in my capabilities. After I attained popularity in the show, there has been no turning back. I entered Roadies, then Splitsvilla and finally, Big Boss! The last year has been crucial for me. I have been getting shows and loads of opportunities back to back and I feel quite fortunate and blessed that way. I had never thought I will come so far in such a short span of time but yes, I have played every show with all my heart and I was sure that the audience will appreciate it.
You are not only known for good looks and physique but also the excellent capability to perform well in both physical strength and mind games. Where do you exactly derive your strength from?
What matters more than the good looks and physique is to keep your mind on the activated mode all the time. You need to develop will power and strength of mind once you become a part of any reality show. Every show has a different kind of strategy and audience. Roadies is about strength. Splitsvilla is about connections. Big Boss is about mental strength. I think, I gauged the outlay of every show and tried to put in what was needed of me and in the process, it was the passion that drove me towards my goal.
Who is the Prince Narula that people do not know about, the one that is hidden behind the virtual portrayal?
Not many people know that I have knack for singing. And quite soon, my tracks are going to be released in market. Recently, my track Shaukeen Munde was released.
From your journey as a bindaas Chandgarh-ite to the reality star who is now leading haywire lifestyle in the world of glitz and glamour, how have your life changed?
Although I am happy to do what I am doing right now, yet the pace of life has accelerated now. I have evolved to accommodate myself in the industry so that I can bring out the best in what I am doing at the moment. People recognize you, adore you and eventually you develop this sense of pride along with responsibility to perform well for the audience.
What do you miss the most about your Chandigarh life?
The life in Chandigarh is quite chilled. There are no traffic jams. There is no pressure on you. People earn and spend money to stay happy and healthy. I often plan that, fifty years after I have earned my share of fame and money, I will eventually return to this beautiful city to enjoy a calm life.
What was your family’s reaction to your altogether transformed lifestyle?
They are quite happy and proud with all my achievements. I derive inspiration to perform better because of their supportive and motivating attitudes.
Your chemistry with your mentor, Ranvijay is quite striking, ever since your Roadies journey. What kind of bond do you share with him?
More than a mentor, he is an elder brother to me. We will sit in evenings together and he will advise me not only about my professional assignments but also my personal life. We are more like brothers, quite frank and supportive to each other.
Prince Narula is popular for his link-ups with his co-contestants. Many people allege that reality show winners are often pre-decided. In the midst of all the allegations and criticism, what keeps you stable?
At the end of the day, it is the strength of mind that matters. Sometimes, your connections with people do not remain the same once you get out of the shows. However, Suyyash, Kishwar, Yuvika are still my closest friends. We hang out together and do quite a lot of masti together.
You have confessed in the past that you aspire to be an action hero like Akshay Kumar. So, plans of Bollywood debut anytime soon?
I have few movie projects in the pipeline. Along with that, I am also going to do a youth show pretty soon.
The youngsters today, wish to attain the huge popularity and fame within a short span of time, like you; often turning a blind eye to the efforts and hard work you have put in to reach at this threshold. What would you like to advise them?
Nothing comes easy! You have to put in your hard work to reach your goal. With fame and power comes the responsibility to maintain it. I will advice them to choose whichever goal they feel passionate about and attain it by hard work and consistency.

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