The Month of Love: Love Struck & Being in Love Over and Over Again.

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Rakhi Mewasingh & Veeraj Mewasingh
Seoul, South Korea

This super special and spiritual couple is highly inspiring. Although staying away from India, they have retained their spiritual values. Veeraj, a UK born Pilot currently working in Seoul, and Rakhi, an India born MBA turned into a Holistic Healer, compliments him perfectly. The couple is expecting a child in February 2022. They share how they have grown up together through all these years of marriage. “We love each other enough to ignore the silly mistakes and understand that each one is giving their best,” shares Rakhi. Both of them inspire each other every day in loving and caring ways. To live a purposeful, spiritual and healthy life with family and friends is their higher common goal in life. “Giving each other lots of space to grow and not interfering in each other’s decisions is the way our relationship works,” adds Rakhi.

Rakhi Mewasingh & Veeraj Mewasingh

Isha Kakaria & Jaskaran Singh
Zirakpur, Punjab

Isha Kakaria & Jaskaran Singh

Isha Kakaria, founder of Tanusiyaa Events and Founder President of NGO Tammana and Jaskaran Singh, Co-Founder of Tanusiyaa Events and General Secretary of NGO Tammana, make an inspiringly warm, loving couple! The two complete a decade of their relationship this year in 2022. For Isha, the mantra is to ‘Not let the spark die’ for a happy married life, whereas Jaskaran succeeds in falling in love with her every day! He looks up to her ability to live, laugh and love. Their common goal is to prove all ‘marriage memes’ wrong! “As delightful as having a lifelong partner can be, marriage is a heavenly (not heavily!) committed deal!” they share. This “addicted (with each other) couple” wants to stay in love, spread a lot of love.

“We want to take early retirement, be off the mad rat race, spend time and love our family as much. Get healthier, fitter. Travel, literally everywhere! Eat possibly every (veg!) food. Laugh out loud, always. Keep silly. Dance to every tune like no one’s watching and help make the world a better place and only then rest in peace, leaving a mark behind that reads,” they share.  To keep their marriage working, they talk a lot! Also, they use the “giving in 100%” formula from both ends and do not divide the chores or responsibilities into 50-50 buckets. “Practically, it makes us even closer,” shares Isha.

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