The Uninterrupted Girl: Kritika Khurana

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I Was Once Trolled For Buying Followers, It Broke Me Completely

Tell us about your journey from Kritika Khurana to ‘thatbohogirl’. When did you realize you want to be a blogger?

I always enjoyed styling. I started with Instagram first, posting ‘ootd- Outfit of the day’ posts on a daily basis. Slowly, I gained followers and I decided to launch my own website. There’s no looking back since then.

Things people do not know about Kritika Khurana.

I’m super lazy. I used to be a nerd and I studied non-medical in school because I wanted to be an architect. I have social anxiety. I have won a lot awards in classical dance

Share some beauty tips everybody should know about

Follow a skincare routine. Always apply a serum before doing your makeup. Everyone knows this but never sleep with your makeup on. Homemade packs are the best.

Describe your style

Comfortable, casual, boho-chic

How do you deal with trolls and negativity?

I have developed a thick skin now. You cannot stop people from commenting but you can always sit back and analyse. Sometimes the comments are constructive and sometimes it’s plain anger. You’ve to know your self-worth and once you do, no negative comment can affect you.

What motivates you to be positive all the time?

It is an on-going process. There are days when I am happy all the time and there are days when even a minor thing affects me. But I think it is quite natural to feel that way. I keep myself surrounded with loved ones. They keep me sane and grounded.

Who is your inspiration and why?

I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for their style. I love Blake lively, Beyoncé and Oprah for the kind of woman they are and what they are doing for all the women out there.

What, according to you, is the future of blogging?

I feel it is going to get bigger. There is a lot to do and with all these new social media platforms coming, there is a lot you can do and share with your audience. Vlogs are going to get bigger this year.

Your daily routine

My morning starts with a cup of coffee. Then we (me and my team) answer mails and calls. Around noon we usually head out for shoots which we have planned a day prior. We start with posting and editing after that. That pretty much sums up my day.

Three things one should keep in mind while styling.

First, know your body type. Always start from the basics. If you do not like experimenting, start with something small. Use accessories to complete your look. Do not follow any rule. Hairstyle can change your look completely.

Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had and what did you learn from it?

I was once trolled for buying followers. These people made a blog post about me and started posting it everywhere, misleading people with made up things. It broke me completely at that point of time, but somehow it made me stronger!

My favourite brands are
For Moisturizer: Body shop
For Mascara: Maybelline and Too faced.
For Eyeliner: Mynykaa and Revlon.
For Lipstick: MAC and Maybelline
For Foundation: Makeup Forever and Fenty Beauty.
For Concealer: Maybelline and L’Oreal
For Primer: Benefit Cosmetics.
For Highlighter: Becca
For Blush: Too faced and Clinique.
For Kajal: Maybelline and Lakmé

Your favourite Indian blogger

Bruised passports, Love and other bugs (Shereen)

Beauty hacks you use the most

I use my lipstick as a blush and my bronzer as an eye shadow. Apply loose powder after concealer. Use liquid highlighter before your foundation.

The quirkiest thing you have done in your life

Missed my flight because I lost my passport in the flight itself

Things you cannot live without

My family, pets, phone and coffee

One happy memory you can never forget

Winning two cosmopolitan awards in my first ever nomination.

Your favourite holiday destination

Spain and Greece

Your guilty pleasure

Chocolate and Netflix

Brands you love the most

Zara, Balenciaga and Mac

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