Tantalizing and Talented: Tashi Pedy

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Here is a candid conversation with model Tashi Pedy- about her journey, fashion, fitness routine and much more.

How did you start your journey as a model?

I started my journey as a fit model for Chimmi House of Design. Then Mark and Gunita recruited me from the fittings polaroids and opened the doors into the industry for me. And now wherever I am, all thanks to Anima, the amazing teams I work with, and to the people who supported and believed in me.

Who is your favourite fashion icon?

I would say my fashion icon is Daymond John from the shark tank.

How much is privacy important to you in this age of social media?

I think that in this day and age people don’t get any privacy. Personal space is rare, and social media is an invasion of privacy as everyone is judging, commenting, or constantly stalking one another. We can’t do with it but we also can’t do without it.

What does fashion mean to you?

It’s a creative form of art that’s built on emotions, love and hope. For me it’s about finding oneself. Now it’s also a powerful tool to address important issues in the society.

The most treasured item in your closet

My mom’s shirt and my dad’s sweater.

What does your morning routine includes?

Waking up and then having a good cold glass of water. You need to keep yourself hydrated always!

What is the best and the worst thing about being a model?

Best thing about being a model is the experience and exposure you gain, and fact that you travel and meet good people who stay for life along the way. It also teaches you the value of money.

What advice would you give to a 16 year old you?

I would tell her to work hard and start a business.

Three things that are always in your bag?

Wallet, phone and books .

If your days had an extra hour, what you would do?

I would use that hour into finishing more correspondence courses.

Most memorable modelling moment?

I have realised that every day of being a model is memorable. Each moment holds its own value and space in your mind. For me they are all equal as they were all fun.

Your favourite fashion designer?

My favourite designer is Karl Lagerfeld

Your favourite makeup artist?

I think that every makeup artist brings their own creativity and diverse set of skills to a set with a lot of professionalism.

Who is your 3 am friend?

My best friend and my sister from another mother, Shireen Yarmohamady!

Your biggest style regret?

Thinking I could pull off animal prints with pink tops.

Do you watch TV shows if yes which is your all time favourite show?

Right now I am hooked on Gotham but my all time favourite TV show would be Dexter.

Your advice to young models?

Be yourself and always be humble. Be thankful to everyone you meet in your journey. Always chase the opportunities you want and never wait for them to happen.

Your favourite holiday destination – has not been found yet

Favourite food – Bhutanese food
Favourite movie – The breakfast club.
Favourite Book – “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

Beauty products you swear by – Mama Earth and the Miracle Toner.
Love is you.

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