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I just gave Blogging a shot: Riya Jain

Tell us about your journey from Riya Jain to ‘caughtinacuff’? When did you realize you want to be a blogger?

It has been a roller coaster ride from Riya Jain to ‘caughtinacuff’. I never imagined people would know me as ‘caughtinacuff’. People now call me ‘caughtinacuff’ and not Riya. I feel really proud that people now know me by my blog’s name. I am going to complete five years this year and there has been so many ups and downs. It was a fun ride. I never thought that I would reach this far one day. People used to like my style. Then I planned to start my own blog. I just gave it a shot!

Things people do not know about Riya Jain…

1. I love spicy food
2. I cannot go out without concealer because I have dark circles which most people think I do not have. 3. I am not punctual; people lie to me about the exact time because I never reach on time. A lot of people does not know that I am a very fun loving person.

Beauty tips everybody should know about

Use chick tint as a lipstick, I do the same.

Describe your style?

I like to keep it very comfy; jeans, crop top, shorts are my go to looks.

How do you deal with trolls and negativity? What motivates you to be positive all the time?

I just ignore negative comments. I do not reply back. Everybody has a right to say, good or bad. I take all the good comments and ignore the bad ones. This way I balance it all. I am very grateful to my CIAC (caughtinacuff) fans because they always keep me motivated.

Who is your inspiration and why?

Whosoever, I have met in my life has inspired me in one way or other. Like my sister and everybody around me inspires me a lot.

What, according to you, is the future of blogging?

Blogging is still growing in India. It’s amazing that blogging has become so popular and people are appreciating it. I cannot say much about the next 10 years; even I will just wait for the surprise. It will be better, I think.

Tell us about your daily routine?

When I have shoot days, I am busy with things like packing, make up and dressing up. It is very hectic in the morning but later in the evening I just relax, meet my friends or watch Netflix. Shoot days are hectic but on normal days, I reply to my e-mails, brainstorm and stuff.

What are those three things one should keep in mind while styling?

Comfort, sunglasses and shoes

Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

I keep learning every day to be a better version of myself. I always think I could have given my 100 percent instead of 80 percent.

The best brands are…
For Moisturizer- Neutrogena
For Mascara- Mac
For Eyeliner- Colorbar
For Lipstick-Nykaa, Maybelline
For Foundation- Maybelline
For Concealer- Mac
For Primer- Benefit
For Highlighter- Maybelline, Huda
For Blush- Nykaa, Bobbi Brown

Favourite bloggers

Indian- A lot, I do not want to be biased, they are all my friends.
International- Karen Wazen Bakhazi

Beauty hacks you use the most

Cheek tint to avoid lipsticks at times and lip liner for my brows

Quirkiest thing you have done in your life

I am a very quirky person. I remember, I acted like a penguin when I went to Cape Town and posted that video on Instagram too.

Things you cannot live without

My phone and power bank

One happy memory you can never forget

When I went to New York with Vivo India, thanks to my work and fans

Your favourite holiday destination

New York

You guilty pleasure

Spicy food

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