Yoga & Being You: On the 5th International Yoga Day

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“Be Yourself! Everyone Else Is Already Taken.” -Oscar Wilde
On the 5th International Yoga Day, we bring to you 5 Yogic ways to be unapologetically, unpretentiously – Real you!

What if you understand that everlasting happiness and real success is owned by those who allow themselves to be their truest version! In an age, where all of us are trying hard to be something, let that trying unleash nothing but the true us (not a dull xeroxed version of someone else). It is so simply put by Oscar Wilde “Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.”

Many people have followed their true calling in life by being nothing but their true self. Some left their jobs to become artists while others emerged as entrepreneurs. Some took courage to step out of life-less relationships and found the love of their life within themselves. It does take grit and determination to do what you truly want to do in life, in other words, it takes grit to be you! But all the efforts are worth, as we won’t like to die enacting someone else’ script in the drama of our own life.

Shobhna Juneja Yoga & Wellness Expert

And now how does yoga can perform the magic of unmasking & peeling off all those layers we have put over the years in our life?? Well I picked up few essential yogic traits and brought them into my life:

Be Courageous: A yogi abides by truth. Have a yogi like courage to follow your truth. This also means to say no when you need to say no. You cannot be doing things for people just to show how submissive you are, or how much do you ‘fit in’ within the norms of society. Take a stance, speak and only do those things which you believe are right. Even if you go wrong while doing that, stay ever courageous to ‘own your mistakes’.

Prioritise Yourself: How does a yogi prioritise himself? He makes sure to have his ‘me time’, come what may! Sit with yourself everyday for at least 5 minutes to focus on what you want, introspect yourself, pay gratitude to even smallest things in your life. Further, take care of your body by doing exercise, yoga and eating the right food. Remember, prioritise, your mental, physical and spiritual well being time. You will meet the real you in the

Spirit of Challenge: To be yourself will require you to take the challenges you are facing, heads on! Why does a yogi perform those intricate and challenging asanas! He stands upside down on his head, splits his body 180 degrees and ‘fits in’ himself into complex positions. Well all these austerities are to strengthen the inner core of life, the mind and the spirit to be unrelenting, courageous and strong. Work hard and smart too. Challenging
yourself and working hard will unleash the true successful warrior within.

Respect, Appreciate & Love yourself: A yogi’s main task is to spread the message of love & compassion and make people realise the divinity in themselves. Well, how do you think he can do that without respecting and loving himself first? In fact, no man can ever succeed in life if he doesn’t appreciate, respect and believe in himself. Self-love is nothing but respecting one self. In Buddhism, it is said, “Be confident and convinced about the greatness of your life.” Believe in you and never compare yourself with anyone but your highest self!

Stay cheerful: The entire knowledge of Yoga boils down to one thing- Happiness (absolute bliss)! When everything we gonna do will move from a space of complete happiness rather than fears, then we will actually live life in true essence! Yours and others happiness should be the foundation of your every single act. Stay joyful and cheerful especially when you don’t feel like to. You will feel your heart beating, body pulsating with vibrant life force and energy by just being true to your original nature and that is joy! In your every smile, you will find you!

Well, this yoga day and every day gift yourself a closer communion with yours ‘true you’! As we underlined in this article, your happiness and success will thus be following the bare, raw, unapologetic and authentic you!

Written By: Shobhna Juneja Yoga & Wellness Expert

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