What is Good Cholesterol? Simple Yet Most Effective Ways To Increase Good Cholesterol

What is Good Cholesterol? 1o Simple Yet Most Effective Ways To Improve Good Cholesterol

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Are You Also Interested In Knowing The Secret Ways of Increasing Good Cholesterol? 

A nice approach but let’s read this brief description on what is good cholesterol:

Generations have been taught that higher the cholesterol, higher the likelihood of getting atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Dr. Neeru Bali smoothens the wrinkles of the following misconception by elaborating how good cholesterol-HDL in fact reduces the chances of getting heart disease.

Cholesterol has been linked to Coronary artery and peripheral artery disease for almost fifty years now. In US, concerted public health programs to create awareness and advice on low cholesterol diet has been the single most important factor in lowering the prevalence of heart disease. But all cholesterols are not bad. In fact, it has been consistently shown in large epidemiology studies across the world that higher the good cholesterol- HDL, lesser is the chance of getting heart disease. Even in the landmark Framingham study, it was shown that HDL has not only a protective effect but it has a direct quantitative effect.

ways gto increase good cholesterol easily

Time To Know The Health Benefits of Good Cholesterol

There are many health benefits of good cholesterol. HDL cholesterol carries cholesterol from periphery to liver for metabolism. The level of good cholesterol in blood is genetically determined. There are few ethnic groups in the world who have genetically very high levels of HDL and the prevalence of heart disease in these groups is remarkably very low. There are number of sub fractions of HDL cholesterol and it remains to be determined whether all sub fractions have equally protective effect or this benefit is limited to only one or two of these sub fractions.

Rise in one mg percent of cholesterol gives a two percent incremental protection and the relation is linear. So let us have a look at the various ways to increase HDL Cholesterol.

And Here Is How To Increase Good Cholesterol

The Secret Ways of Increasing Good Cholesterol #1: Increase good cholesterol with proper exercise

Whether you choose cardiovascular workout or weight lifting, you are taking an action that may significantly improve your health. From helping you control your weight to assisting in managing your cholesterol levels, any form of exercise offers a broad array of benefits.

1. Cardio and HDL

ways to increase good cholesterol

Cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming, cycling and outdoor sports are one of the most significant ways of increasing good cholesterol. According to a Mayo Clinic study, brisk walk for thirty minutes for five times a week helps in increasing HDL Cholesterol. According to the study, you can increase your HDL Cholesterol level up to five percent in two months with this approach.

Contrary to conventional belief, vigorous activity is no more effective than moderate activity but it is the longer duration of activity which gives better results. The ideal intensity of workout should be 60-70 per cent of target heart rate

2. Weight-lifting and HDL

Although muscle gain tends to be the most frequently discussed benefit of weightlifting, weight lifting has other benefits as well. According to Southern Medical Journal, significant increase in good Cholesterol is possible in as little as 8 weeks with 3 workouts per week. Weightlifting can also reduce your body fat percentage, thereby promoting improved cholesterol levels.

The Secret Ways of Increasing Good Cholesterol #2: How To Increase Good Cholesterol Via Proper Diet Habits

Here are few tips to a heart-friendly diet which is scientifically proven to increase the amount of good cholesterol in your body!

3. Choosing healthy fats

Saturated fats found primarily in red meat and dairy products raise total cholesterol and LDL Cholesterol– the bad cholesterol. American Heart Association advices that not more than 7 per cent of daily calories should come from saturated fats. You should choose leaner cuts of meat and low fat dairy products. Monounsaturated saturated fats found in olive and canola oil are very good as a cooking medium.

4. Eliminate trans fats from diet

ways to increase good cholesterol - eliminate transfat

Trans fats increase LDL and decrease HDL Cholesterol. Trans fats are found in fried foods and many fast foods such as cookies, cakes, chips and samosas. Do not rely on packages that are labelled trans fats free. Lowering the trans fat from your daily diet is one of the most important ways of increasing good cholesterol. If a food contains less than 0.5 gm of trans fat in a serving it can be labelled trans fat free. You must always read the ingredients list and avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oils, a euphemism for trans-fats.

5. Eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Walnuts, flaxseeds, fish (salmon, mackerel and herring) are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids increases good cholesterol and decreases triglycerides.

6. Increase fibre intake

It is imperative that a healthy diet should include copious amounts of fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils and whole grains in the diet. The soluble fibre in them will help in decreasing bad cholesterol moderately and will help in increasing good cholesterol.

7. Include Avocados in your diet

ways to increase good cholesterol - eat avocados

They are high in monounsaturated fats. This increases good cholesterol and lowers LDL, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. They are also high in fibre which naturally keeps cholesterol in check. (Read also: The Various health benefits of eating avocados.)

8. Red Wine as a way to increase good cholesterol

One of the easiest and most joyful ways of increasing good cholesterol is increasing the consumption of red wine. Red wine contains an ingredient ‘Resveratol’ which increases HDL good cholesterol, decreases LDL and prevents blood clots. Simply by eating grapes or drinking grape juice you can get the benefits of resveratrol. Other foods containing resveratol are peanuts, cranberries and blueberries. Alcohol in moderation is also thought to increase HDL.

The Secret Ways of Increasing Good Cholesterol #3: Quit Smoking

Way 9

Smoking exacerbates the detrimental effects of LDL Cholesterol on your body. When you stop smoking the protective HDL levels can increase by as much as 3 per cent within three weeks. After just a few years of quitting smoking your heart attack risks return to what it would be if you had never smoked. There is a tendency to gain weight in the immediate post quitting phase. This can potentially counter the beneficial effect on HDL.

The Secret Ways of Increasing Good Cholesterol #4: By Losing Weight

weight loss - ways of increasing good cholesterol

Way 10

Loosing weight via exercising is more likely to help in increasing HDL Cholesterol than by dieting. This is especially important if you have central obesity-the so called ‘apple shaped ‘. It has been seen that fat that accumulates around your waist seems to reduce HDL.

Are medicines one of the significant ways of increasing good cholesterol?

A number of drugs have been used to increase HDL levels. However, none of them have been shown to decrease cardiovascular mortality. Of these drugs, niacin has been most extensively studied. AIMHIGH study suggested that increasing niacin levels had no effect on survival and had to be prematurely discontinued for being ineffective. Why are drugs, despite their capability to increase HDL, not able to increase survival? The exact reason remains elusive but a number of explanations have been offered by different observers:

  1. A) The sub fraction of HDL which is increased by these drugs is different from the one which offers protection from cardiovascular disease.
  2. B) These drugs increase mortality by their other actions which counter the positive effect of increasing HDL.

To conclude, there is no drug as of now which is clinically used to increase HDL levels for positive cardiovascular effect.

So these were some awesome and amazing ways of increasing good cholesterol, hope they help you and your family very much in remaining fit.

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