Work Up the Workspace

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Your workspace is a significant part of your life and it should exhibit your personality traits. However, many of us find it difficult to break the monotony of a desk and screen and are clueless about making it stylish. We bring to you some decoration ideas that will make office space more vibrant and organised.

Fresh Flowers

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It is essential to remain attentive and focused while working but a boring workspace can interfere in that. Bring in fresh flowers to uplift both your workspace and mood. Flowers lend a touch of colour and relief to the workspace and make it friendlier.


Colour Scheme


Designate a colour scheme to your workspace and bring in stationary and other elements that match it. A colour scheme will give a theme to the office and make it look more structured and skilfully designed.

Framed Pictures/Art

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Framed art makes the workspace look personalised. Beautiful paintings and pictures will enhance the aesthetic appeal and break the monotony of standard furniture. It also gives a homely feel.

Colourful Accessories


Bring in colourful accessories like a lamp or shelf cover to make the workspace vibrant. It gives a visual relief and adds fun to the usual area of work.


Eye Catchy Office Supply

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Get eye catchy, colour coordinated office supply like pens, board pins, post-its, paper pins, and store them collectively in a mason jar or a stand. This will act as a showpiece for your shelf and is easy to execute.



Organising Bins/Trays

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Hang pretty and colourful organising bins and keep your stationary n it. It will make your workplace neater and cuter. It also establishes a habit of keep things in place. You can also get a stylish tray to keep your stationary in display.




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