Top Winter Fashion trends!

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The search is over! We bring you the list of trend-ticking pieces you need in your wardrobe to stay stylish and iconic.

Bomber Jackets
The versatile and practical appeal of Bomber jackets has made them a lasting hit. Zip up or shut up, has become the new antidote of the fashion world! Even if you have not worn or bought a bomber in recent seasons, you won’t have failed to notice that it has fast become this generation’s blazer. Alongside genteel joggers and stylish sneakers, the agile staple is an apparent example of how sportswear has impacted luxury fashion, ushering in menswear’s new dress-down era in the process.

Copper is the new “IT”
This trend alludes to a stunning edge, helping you stand out and breaking the monotony. The colour is this season’s “new neutral”, according to trend forecaster We Connect Fashion. Copper can give you an edge when it comes to style. Replenish your stocks of the rich, orangey-brown shade now without any fear of teaming it with darker sunglasses for a sleek finish to your striking looks.

Layer up the polo shirt
The relaxed simplicity of polo shirts is undoubtedly on trend. All you need to do is use a knitted polo shirt as a slightly lighter layer of insulation as the temperature dips. For best results, invest in two or three fine knit iterations in different solid colours with minimal branding for maximum versatility with your existing wardrobe. Subtle dashes of colour can be introduced to get a nautical edge.

No coat shape this season has been more popular than the duffle coat! Camel was the most popular colour to crop up, but there were plenty of designers giving their own design tweaks to the hooded top-layer, including extending the length or chopping the sleeves off (such as at Maison Margiela) or cutting it from plasticised material (such as Stuart Vevers at Coach).

Tartan blazers work incredibly well as statement pieces and are particularly alluring in a range of traditional hues. It is back to school with the newest interpretation of tartan print, reminiscent of private school uniforms. Introduce classic styles of the print or interpret the trend more boldly with newer, brighter versions of the print.

Forget about the scarves! Neckerchiefs are the new way to protect your neck this cold season. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we saw this trend more on the Paris catwalks, but there was plenty of representation in London and Milan too. To be bang-on trend, you can invest in a woggle as well.

Funnel Necks
While the current roll-neck revival shows no sign of stopping, these will morph into funnel or slightly lower mock turtle necks in either zip-up or slip-over form this coming season. Slide one under your new slouchy coat with jeans for cool effect.

Fedoras have proven to be a strong influence in contemporary street style with their stylish effect. Despite the wide range of colours available, classical versions of this trend are trending as they lend the maximum versatility.

Slouchy Trousers
After season bubbling under the surface, hems are finally loosening up. And while only the bravest of us will be able to slip on a pair of flares, looser wool trousers are seriously easy to wear. Even sleekest-of-the-sleek Hermes is going hard on the trend.

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