Sameksha Singh Travel Diary

Sameksha Singh Travel Diary

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“Travel is all about the experience of that place, the people, food and culture.” Model-actress Sameksha Singh shares with you a page from her travel diary.

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Sameksha Singh: Travelling is one recreation that I really look forward to! For me, travelling is not just about sightseeing but it is about feeling the essence of the place. Whenever I plan a trip, I make sure that it is not just for a few days or week but for an entire month. Staying at one place for a considerable period of time one gets to meet people, talk to them and understand their perception of life. Well off course, one wants to see the monuments and enjoy the natural beauty of that place (and also, shop!

That best time for me to travel is right before monsoons commence in Mumbai. Last year I went to USA and Canada. This time I travelled to North America, but explored different cities! I went to Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, Toronto and San Francisco. The one thing I like the most about western countries is that people are always ‘on the go’ but they also take out time to relax and unwind.

Toronto is more like a family place for me. It is one of the cleanest cities I have seen. The cold weather, however, makes it a bit challenging for me!

image6While travelling, I love to have a mix of everything- right from shopping to trying various local cuisines to sightseeing to relaxing in spas to meeting old friends and random people; I like to keep it spontaneous. I try to take suggestions from the locals or the friends I know in that place. I usually attend plays (theatre activities) and other cultural happenings which are in abundance at these places!

One of the most mouth-watering dishes I had was in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. The chef prepared really buttery wild fish cooked in natural flavours. I actually mistook it for cheesecake but it was one of the most scrumptious fish I’ve ever had!

My mantra is to go with zero expectations and enjoy everything that comes across. Otherwise you just lose the beauty of that place; I feel it should always come as a surprise! So, I go unplanned, let things flow and also try to experience the routine life of the native people.

Tips From Sameksha Singh

1. Check the weather conditions before you pack your clothes! Try to go well prepared, there can be sudden weather changes.
2. Carry a pack of super food in your bag, maybe some seeds or berries. Since, you are always ‘on the go’, these can be good and healthy nibblers.
3. Try not to carry ‘in between’ clothes, choose a mix of extremely comfortable and perfect party pieces for your trip.

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