Parmish Verma: A Person To Fall In Love With

Parmish Verma: A Person To Fall In Love With

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A tall and talented man with a tough built and a distinguished presence Parmish Verma is a renowned actor and director in the Punjabi industry. He tasted the fruit of success at a very early age but the wheels of his journey had started rolling years ago. As a school going boy he was raised to dream big and in turn, he grew up to be a man who dared to chase and accomplish his dreams.TLJ writer Divjot Kamboj hauls out the reel and real life account of the upcoming star.

The Journey Of Parmish Verma

Parmish Verma TLJ

Parmish is a unique name. Who thought of it and what does it signify?

Parmish Verma: My father came up with this name. It is basically the union of my parent’s name. The prefix of my mother’s name Paramjit and suffix of my father’s name Satish together would give you Parish. Both of them are professors of Punjabi at Punjabi University, Patiala. From them, I have inherited the love for language, art, and theatre. Whatever little I have achieved, I completely owe it to my parents.

Usually, actors and directors have a major source of inclination in their early lives, do you have any childhood association with acting?

Parmish Verma: Being the professors of language, my parents would train students for various plays and youth fests. All day long there used to be rehearsals in our backyard. My father has been a well known Punjabi writer, poet and theatre artist. I used to admire his works, from an observer I soon became a seeker. My father gauged my interest in acting and started working on me. It was in class four that I joined my school’s theater group.

How did your family and relatives react to your inclination towards acting?

Parmish Verma: Once I stepped into the world of theatre, my passion for acting grew manifold and then there was no looking back. I was not at all good at studies so I had to face that typical stereotype where one is looked down upon for not scoring enough marks. My parents have always been my strength. My father has always encouraged me to polish my skills. I used to keep myself busy in co-curricular like creative writing, debates, and theatre.

You went overseas to make a living, how challenging was that phase?

Parmish Verma: I was sure that I could not make a future out of academics so my decision of going to Australia came as a blessing. I feel when you step out of the home; you lose and find yourself at the same time.  I have done all odd jobs, worked tirelessly for hours on a stretch, and starved myself in order to save some money. The struggle that I went through has made me an achiever- Now I know how to give to give my best and still be prepared for the worst.

What was the final button for your entry into the world of acting and direction? What do you like more- acting or directing?

Parmish Verma: My father has been an incorrigible optimist. He has accepted me with all my shortcomings, introduced me to my strengths and empowered me to take my own decisions. While I was finally settled in Australia, my father reminded of my passion for acting and direction. He once again showed enough faith that I bought the idea and came back home to chase my dreams. I have got two eyes- if one is acting, the other one is directing; both are equally dear to me.

What was your real break-through point in the music industry?

Parmish Verma: The first video I directed was ‘Zimmewari Bhukh Te Doori’ which depicted the story of an adolescent migrant which was inspired by my own life. Later, Ninja’s video ‘Thokda Reha’ turned out to be a commercial hit and ever since I have been in demand. Sharry Mann’s recent video ‘Hostel’ has received immense love from the viewers with 2.8 million views on Youtube within a day. I find myself lucky that my work itself is my passion

What inspired you to be so robust and athletic? Could you offer any fitness tip to the readers?

Parmish Verma: While I had started earning hefty dollars, it had a direct effect on my belly. I joined the gym and worked out religiously, the outcome was stunning! It needs a lifestyle shift to be healthy. I love to work out but I hate the concept of dieting. So my first advice would be- Never miss your breakfast. After hours of rest, your body craves for nutrition. If you miss onto the morning meal, you will eat at odd times and still feel low.

Could you offer a tour of your body based on the tattoos?

Parmish Verma: Theoretically I can!  I was 18 when a friend of mine got a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name, the whole night I spent thinking who do I love the most. The very next day I got my younger brother’s name-‘Sukhan’ tattooed on my left arm and that signifies my shield. The tattoo on my back reads ‘Param-Sat’, reason being I have always been backed by my parents. The tattoo on the right shoulder talks about my strength that is my ‘Believe’. Last, of all the tattoo on my right gut reads ‘Miles to go before I sleep’.

If you were to gift yourself something; what would it be and why?

I will gift myself a watch any day! In the flash back I was a young boy from a middle-class family and was fascinated by fancy watches. My father gifted me an expensive watch while seeing me off to Australia. It was my priced possession and I proudly carried it on the first day of my first job. My job was to clean utensils and I realized that my wrist can’t afford this luxury. But today I own a classy collection of watches.


Parmish Verma at TLJ magazine

Parmish Verma At The Lifestyle Journalist Magazine

The girls love you and the boys want to look like you, so this makes you the most eligible bachelor. Your fans are dying to know about your love life. Any updates?

Parmish Verma: It’s just that the onscreen Parmish Verma portrays a young and passionate lover who has ample amount of time for romance. But in real life I have such a tight schedule that I cannot do justice to any love affair. I highly doubt my romantic abilities. My life is deeply weaved with my family and I feel it will be right for my mother to find me my better-half.  Currently, my love life is quite sorted… family, friends, and fans.

If you were to go on a holiday, how do you like to spend your day?

Parmish Verma: I would like to fly to a foreign land, find some cafe, and buy myself a nice book. I can spend my entire day sipping a coffee while reading a book. Understanding people and behaviour has always been my thing so I might strike a random conversation with a stranger. I love my own company. I feel that-When you learn to be there for yourself, you will never be alone.

Tell us something about your upcoming movie.

Parmish Verma: My debut Punjabi movie ‘Rocky Mental’ is all set to hit the theatres on 18 August this year. Of all the movies that I was offered, this one was the most challenging and did justice to my acting abilities. The movie portrays the story of a boxer Rajdeep Singh. It is a complete package of romance, action, comedy, and suspense. I am very excited about the movie and feel lucky to be a part of such a great project.

Any message for the budding artists.

Parmish Verma: Motivation gets you started but habit keeps you going. Get used to working hard. Give your struggle some time. People say that I have got success overnight but they are unaware of the fact that my night was 11 years long. The opportunity is knocking at your door while the success is waiting for you to walk that extra mile. So get up and get started!

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