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Vikas Khanna reunites with Muslim family who saved his life in the 1992 riots

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This year, Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna celebrated Eid with a gesture that’ll warm even the coldest of hearts – because he celebrated it with a family that had saved his life during the 1992 riots in Mumbai.

Vikas Khanna was working as a trainee at the time the Mumbai 1992 riots took place.

vikas Khanna chef

When he heard the news that houses in Ghatkopar had been set on fire, he set out to inquire about his brother, who lived in the area.

As he searched the area, a Muslim family took him in to save him from an incoming mob. In fact, the mob even questioned the family, but the father declared Vikas to be his son.

Vikash Khanna chef eid

Not only did the family shelter Vikas for two days, they also sent out a member to inquire about his brother, to reassure him of his well-being.

Vikas Khanna Eid

Since 1992, touched by this gesture, Vikas Khanna had been keeping one day of fast during Ramzan, every year, in honor of the family.

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Finally, after 26 years, he was reconnected with the family.

Real and inspiring stories such as this make us believe in humanity and make this world a better place to live in. We are happy for chef Vikas Khanna.

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