Go Green in Your Beauty Routine

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From body washes, to shampoos, conditioners and deodorants, everyone uses personal care products almost daily. But have you ever thought how harmful those chemicals (in personal care products) are for your skin?

With increased awareness among people, there are certain beauty products in market now that claim to contain ‘natural’ ingredients. But the question is- how do you know whether the product is completely natural, non -toxic, safe and reliable? So better be safe and opt for some home-made treatments!
Japneet Dhaliwal guides you about the various ways you can go green with your beauty routine.

Opt for Home-Made Skin Treatments
Tired of blackheads and acne? Try using certain homemade remedies instead of using products that contain harsh chemicals.

To remove blackheads:
* Cut a lemon in half and pour 3 – 4 drops of raw honey on the piece
* Rub the lemon half on your face, focusing on the affected areas
* Let it stay there for 5 minutes
* Rinse with cold water

To fight acne:
* Take multani mitti – 2 tablespoons, rose water – 1 teaspoon, and lemon juice – 4-5 drops
* Mix all the ingredients together and apply it to your face for 10 minutes
* This face pack is not only beneficial for existing acne and pimples but it also works on scars left by pimples

Switch From a Stick to a Tar
There’s no doubt that all ladies love using lipsticks, but many undisclosed ingredients in these lipsticks may be bad for you. Try shifting from a lipstick to a natural lip tar. There are several lip tars available which are both natural and safe for your skin.

Shun Makeup Removal Wipes
Those quick and easy wipes are extremely harmful for your skin. These wipes actually do more harm than good. The best alternative is to switch to a spin brush that will actually help you save your time and money. By gently removing makeup, deeply cleaning your pores and leaving you feeling fresh, these spin brushes are a boon.
“To remove make-up the only thing you require is a moisturizer! To remove dryness a simple moisturizer is required and you can do it with the help of a cotton ball. If a moisturizer is used it will leave the skin supple. Wash your face with water after removing make-up with a moisturizer,” advices Dr. Garg.

Try a Natural Moisturiser
Instead of using moisturisers which contain heavy chemicals, use natural moisturisers like argan oil, maracuja oil, coconut oil or any other plant oil which is easily available. If you wish to opt for lotions, look for organic lines.
Opt Natural Toner
Use natural toners to tone your skin such as witch hazel or rose water. You can also make your own home toner by combing 1 cup of witch hazel (this is extract of a plant and easily available in market), 1 cup lavender oil, 3 dozen roses, 2 cups distilled water and 1 tablespoon of glycerine. Store it in a spray bottle, and use it twice a day to get the best results.

Heatless Curls
Curl your hair without heat. Damp your hair, and curl small sections of your hair and tie-up. Use a wide cloth to cover your hair and let it rest for the night. In the morning open your curls and hand comb through them, and you are done.

Gentle Body Scrub
Make a gentle body scrub at home from these eco-friendly ingredients. Mix in a ratio of 2:1 olive oil and sea salt to make an efficient and effective body scrub. These helps in easy removal of dead skin and leave your skin soft and refreshing. This beauty tip is much cheaper and effective than the expensive chemical products.

According to a study, women apply 168 chemicals on their skin everyday and men apply 84. “Every beauty cream or product contains certain amount of chemicals but it depends on the product. Some creams may contain more chemicals than others. Creams which claim to lighten pigmentation and fairness creams should be avoided as much as possible. If we use a product containing chemical obviously it will result in damaging our skin in the long term,” says Dr. Geeta Garg, a noted dermatologist based in Chandigarh.

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