Significance of being calm : Sherlyn Chopra

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A famous model, known for her bold attitude and elegant style- Sherlyn Chopra shares her fitness mantra in a conversation with TLJ!

What does yoga mean to you?
I love doing yoga as it helps me enhance the flexibility of my body while strengthening my mind.

Which is your all-time favorite yoga asana?
I love Chakrasana, Halasana and Ustrasana.

How has Yoga changed your life?
It has helped me understand the significance of being calm and still so as to get into alignment with the other self, also known as the higher self. ‘Alignment first, everything else later’ has become my everyday mantra.

Can you enlighten us on some health benefits of yoga?
Yoga is highly recommended for flexibility, easy digestion, deep breathing for more oxygen inflow, strengthening of the mental faculties, ease and flow in thought energy and the overall well-being of the body, mind and soul.

Why do you think yoga is preferred by many compared to gym and other workouts?
Yoga not only caters to the superficial needs but also to the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of an individual. I personally feel that the best addiction in the world is the addiction to yoga as not only does it make one look fitter and younger than ever before but also gradually elevates one’s level of consciousness.

What kind of food do you eat to keep yourself healthy?
I am not fussy at all when it comes to food. However, I like to eat healthy, organic food that is easy to digest.

It is often said that through yoga we can grow higher spiritually, can you explain?
Absolutely true. Yoga helps an individual enter into a state of meditation that requires one to focus on one’s breathing while practicing an asana. To do so, one needs to practice being mindful and focused. In the course of being aware of one’s mindfulness, one begins to transcend the chatter of the mind. It is this transcendence that gradually raises the level of one’s consciousness.

Besides Yoga regime, how do you maintain your fitness?
I choose on purpose to feel good, happy and thankful for where I am in life which helps me in my mental and physical fitness. I personally believe that happiness is a choice just as sadness and misery are choices.

One secret talent that you possess that no one knows about?
There is a writer in me that love to write empowering stories.

Tell us about your forthcoming projects and plans.
Currently, I am working on a musical audio-video which will be released in July.

International Yoga Day falls in June, your message for the readers?
Love yourselves first so as to be able to love others. The body is a home of the soul that lives within. Keep it clutter free, clean and hygienic. Let yoga not be an occasional indulgence but a lifestyle that reflects your strength, flexibility, fitness and balance not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well.

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