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Here is a glimpse of high-end interiors to add an oomph factor to your house

If we go as per the old cliché ‘old is gold’, we will discover that the vintage vogue never gets out of style. Antique furniture gives your room a classy as well as nonpareil makeover. Just like your life make your home chic, glamorous and colorful, though I know former is not in our hands but we definitely can transform our homes. Antique furniture gives your home a distinctive depth, reminding you how royal and elegant our ancestors were.

Brass hourglass keychain:
Who said classy thing always come with sky-rocketing price tag! As we all know hourglass was a mechanical device used to ascertain the time. Bring home this brass hourglass keychain, made of pure brass; its brown color gives it an antique finish providing it a lavish look. Light in weight can add charm to your boring home or car keys.

Price: Rs. 727

Antique French oak kitchen dining table:
The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table. This antique French oak twin pedestal stretcher base kitchen dining table would surely embellish your cookery giving it a posh look.

Price: Rs. 110280

Rare collection of 8-pair of eye spectacles.
Dear Spectacaholics, we have a got a really good Halloween gift for you! Add these 8 rare 19th century spectacle in your portmanteau by 1stdibs. This collection would really leave people wonder stuck; giving a posh look to your entire spectacle collection.
Price: Rs. 387620
Source: 1stdibs

Barcelona Couch:
Though furniture is designed to perform a particular function, but this does not mean it lacks voluptuousness. To illustrate with, look at this Barcelona couch, has soft leather tuft and piped, removable leather straps, not only covering your negative space but also adding grace to your bedroom or living room.

Price: Rs. 434417

Flower floor mirror:
Minute details can make your home look cool! Less is more; as we all say. If you want to give an antique look to your room but are short of space, why not festoon it with this flower floor mirror from

Price: Rs. 23390

Antiqued mirror lantern:
If I were to pick a trend from past; I would definitely go for brass and copper details, this adds a vintage espy to your room. Have a glimpse at this mirror lantern, made of antiqued mirror, antiqued brass detail and copper wire cord.

Price: Rs. 63497

Darlana small lantern:
Fond of candle light dinners; isn’t this small gilded iron lantern beautiful? Not only does it follow save-energy notion but would also spice up your dining area.

Price: Rs. 32220

Boryhill brasilia 6 drawer dresser:
Created by boryhill brasilla, this dresser is a compact form of beauty and functionality. Not only it provides you with extra space to stock your belongings but also beautifies your room. This magnificent piece is available at and is definitely under your price radar.

Price: Rs. 73517

Canyon stool:
Doesn’t it give a glimpse of old lanterns? If you do not want any brownish brassy look in your room but want to give an antique touch to your house, this canyon stool is perfect for you.

Price: Rs. 26400

Wright side table :
Last but not the least, we have a wright side table; this table has a striking appearance distinctively because of its black and gold look, giving it a splendid look. This really is a must-have for your living room.

Price: Rs. 132286

Renovating your home with these fitments will totally help you in revolutionizing it. These high-end luxury stores would definitely aid you in making your house look a vintage WOW!

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