11 shades of Choodha

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Wedding day is one of the most savoured days in the life of a woman where she ought to steal the show with her ‘solah shringaar’ of which ‘choodha’ (the bridal bangles) must be essentially detailed and attractive! Interestingly, gone are the days of stereotyped red choaadhas, bridal bangles now come in all patterns and designs and brides are bold enough to experiment!
Here are few of those gazillion options to choose from, composed by our fashion writer, which the bride can customize depending on her flavour …

Simple Punjabi Choodha
A Punjabi choodha is a set of red and white bridal bangles arranged together in a particular pattern. The thickness of the white bangles is more than that of the red bangles. Even though it is traditionally worn by Punjabi brides, now brides from other cultures add them to their wedding look as a fashion trend as well. Simple is always a safe option!
web choodha-1
Customized Choodhas
Bangles with names are still in! Some brides prefer to add special custom-made bridal bangles to their choodha with the names of the couple engraved on them. Along with them they add bangles which can be of kundan glittering to make you sparkle on you big day.
web customized choodha-1
Bridal Bangle Sets – Jaipuri Bangles
Jaipuri Bangles can be added to a normal set of bridal bangles to add the ‘royal touch’ to the bridal look. A bride can wear two on each hand or one on each depending on the likes and preferences regarding the heaviness of jewellery.
Colourful Affair
Most brides, these days pick out their wedding attire first and then based on the colour combination of the dress pick out the bridal bangles set. It can have a selected mix of few colours with gold in a particular pattern. Precisely as you want it!
Sparkle Bright
Gone are the days when a bride would simply wear glass bangles to her wedding. Now is the time for setting trends and making a fashion statement. You can make your own style statement with a beautiful combination set like this one which has the bridal colour red with beautiful crystal bridal bangles and a thick kada.
web sparkle choodha-1

Bold Gold Set
Colour is not always necessary when it comes to bangles. If your dress is going to have shades of gold, or a lot of gold work on it, then it does not make sense to add colour to the bridal bangles set. Therefore, a set like this one goes best.
web green choodha-1
Green, Silver And Gold Combo
In many cultures across the world and especially in India, green is considered to be an auspicious colour when it comes to weddings. You will find many brides wearing a dress with a hint of green it. So how could we miss the green combination wedding bangles?

Bengali Bridal Bangles
White bangles are a part of Bengal’s traditional jewellery. They can be beautifully incorporated in the bridal bangles set. Many brides from other cultures too add this to their look just as a part of trend.
web simple punjabi choodha-1
Marathi Bridal Bangles
A Marathi bride traditionally wears a green and gold combination of bridal bangles. Patlya and Tode are traditional bangles made in pure gold which are worn along with simple green glass bangles.
Kundan Bridal Bangles
Kundan sets are usually in the higher price range but the best part about them is that you can always get matching sets for the neck, ears and nose.
Pure Minimalistic Bliss
For brides who are hoping to keep it elegant, an exquisite thin jewellery piece draped around their wrists would be the best ever piece to adorn their beauty.
web Kundan-and-Meena-bridal-bangles-Bridal-bangles

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