Top 5 Food Destinations Of The World

Top 5 Food Destinations Of The World

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“Food is love, food is life”. Almost every single person can relate to this line. Food in itself is a culture and residing in a city popular for its food is truly icing on the cake (pun intended), but that really doesn’t mean that others can’t treat their taste buds with all that delicious, mouth-watering and savory cuisines from across the globe. Food is all about exploration and here are some of the food destinations that no foodie should miss out on; some greatest food cities where aroma spares no one.

Here Are The World’s Most Favourite Food Destinations


Japan’s capital city lures food lovers with its extraordinary dining and one cannot deny the fact that it is truly a ‘foodie’s paradise’. Tokyo is well known for its fine dining, and has the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world.  From luxury fine dining to freshly grilled skewers on the streets, you’ll fall in love with the culture of eating in Tokyo. Not only the restaurants here specialize in Japanese cuisine, they prepare food using the freshest and seasonal vegetables. Nigiri-Sushi, Soba noodles, Tempura, Chanko nabe -a hot pot dish, Monjayaki-a type of runny pancake, Tsukudani and traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) are some of the Tokyo’s specialties one wouldn’t mind spending some Yen bills on.



In a country where food is known for finesse and flavour, Lyon is the ideal place to discover French cuisine. Offering rustic yet rich French food, Lyon has been recognized as the gastronomic capital of France. With fine regional cuisine and high- quality wines, the place is capable of satisfying all your hunger pangs. The city has many authentic places to eat such as the ‘Bouchons Lyonnais’, which are a unique type of restaurants that serve homemade family cuisine amid close-knit atmosphere.


food destinations, food in San Sebastian

Spain’s culinary capital San Sebastián has evolved into food lovers’ Mecca over the years. It is the best seafood destination for the gourmet-travellers, thanks to its fish-filled rivers. The city is generally known for its Basque cuisine, high-quality everyday meals and is one of the best spots to order fresh seafood. This town is all about chefs, great food, and world-class wines. Every good restaurant in San Sebastián serves kokotxas in different ways and one should try these if you plan a visit to the city. The highly appealing trait of the city is its Pintxo bars which offer small snacks accompanied by locally made hard cider.


food destinations, food in Bologna

Italy’s greatest eating city Bologna is famous for its delicious Italian cuisine. In fact, it has one of the richest culinary traditions in Italy and is well known for sausage, Tagliatelle and Ragù, Lasagne among many other delicacies. Do not miss the handmade egg pasta and stuffed pasta if you visit the city. The other famous specialty is the cured meat pork, a treat to the taste buds. Bologna is synonymous with Tortellini- the pasta that has become famous worldwide. So the pasta lovers now know where to head out to.


Increasingly, Buenos Aires is becoming one of the best food destinations for wine lovers around the world. The restaurants here offer a great variety of cuisines and flavours which includes the preparation of homemade food such as french fries, patties, and pasta. The city hosts everything from high-end international cuisine, to restaurants, bars, and canteens offering a range of dishes at affordable prices. A big attraction of the city is Mate, which is a traditional drink of Argentina. One of the popular street foods is Choripan with Chimichurri sauce.

Empanadas stuffed with meat or vegetables are yet another relished street-food. Because of availability of unlimited raw materials, chefs here blend ingredients and experiment with cuisines, thus offering food lovers a variety of delicacies to choose from. Seafood lovers may have limited food choices as there’s surprisingly little seafood in Buenos Aires.

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