‘Lovin’ A Hero’ – Giving love and life a second chance

‘Lovin’ A Hero’ – Giving love and life a second chance

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Loving’ A Hero by Ch Lady Diana is written in lucid English that makes reading the book a delightful experience.

The novel ‘Lovin’ A Hero’  deals with a sensitive story where the lead characters, Aditya Kapur who is a Bollywood star and Aditi Sharma who is an entertainment journalist, are twice removed from the attainment of love, romance and fulfillment in life. They meet at a cross road in their lives when faith in relationships have suffered an erosion. They are true to their friendship but scared and skeptical towards an impending relationship for life. To square their dilemma and hindrances, Aditi is a single mom and a daughter to an overprotective father. How they evolve out of their fears and embrace the feelings for each other along with how they convince Aditi’sfather, forms the plot of the novel.

Loving’ A Hero by Ch Lady Diana

The novel vividly portrays the insecurities of a love-appalled generation and delicately delves into the question of second marriage and why we need to give love a second chance to live with. Besides the issue of love, the novel explores the discourse of parent-child relationship as well. The matter of parents’ trust has been put forward by Aditi’s father.

Some of the main highlights of the novel that will capture the readers within the whirlpool of its words are – the night of the sky lanterns, the night of the dolphin’s prediction, the marriage proposal, and the lessons on how a woman should ask a guy for date, the rain in Maldives and many more. The humour of the plot will grip you even when the narrative will be heartbreaking intermittently.

Lovin’ A Hero is a fiction work reeling under the complex structure of understanding and executing relationships. The novel is full of romantic surprises, there is friendship that will inspire the readers and the laughter and humour of Bollywood is part of the magnetic narrative of the novel.

**You can also read the first chapter of the novel at https://thescentedwords.wordpress.com/


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