The Benefits of Glamping Over Camping

The Benefits of Glamping Over Camping

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We are all attracted to camping in the woods, but not everyone likes the idea of staying away from modern conveniences such as toilets and beds, even for a day. The recent trend of glamping takes care of everything.

What is glamping?

Put together ‘Glamour’ and ‘Camping’ and you will get glamping, which quite appropriately defines it. Yes, you will surely be living in tents, but you don’t need to sleep on the ground since your tent will be well-equipped with a bed, plumbing equipments, and other conveniences. You can call it camping with comfort.


Where can you glamp?

There are many campgrounds all around the world that are equipped with glamping facilities. Texas and Scotland have certain sites reserved specifically for its sole purpose. The campgrounds already have glamping set-ups and you don’t need to pitch up the camps. You can even rent a yurt and take it to some site you like and glamp.

Who is it for?

It is for people who want to have an outdoor camping experience without leaving behind the luxuries they enjoy in a hotel. It is a mix of both. You will be close to nature, but will still have a bed to sleep on with no bugs around. It’s not RV Camping!

You may feel that the concept is same as that of camping in an RV, but the basic characteristic of glamping is to find a stationary place and set up your yurt there rather than drive around your RV.

Before you start planning your vacation, visit these websites and get more information about glamping:

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