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Smartphones And Phubbing, Know How Smartphones Are Destroying Your Relationship

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Is your loved one choosing a smartphone over you? Do you feel like being cheated because of your partner’s act of phubbing?

With the increasing rate of divorce around the globe, most relationships are lying over the life-support system, trying to make it out alive somehow, and here comes another relationship buster, smartphone, shambling them down completely.

What is phubbing?

It is a combination of phone and snubbing. This term is used to describe how often your partner gets zoned out by his or her smartphone in your presence.

It’s not always one partner being phubbed

Always keep in mind that you are not always at the receiving end. Sometimes you could be the perpetrator too. You don’t even realize when your smartphone drags you out of a conversation once you start scrolling down the screen, getting completely zeroed out.

What it’s like to be Phubbed?

It is a terrible feeling when you in the middle of a screed find out that your partner was not even listening to you. He/she was glued to a cell phone screen and paying no attention to you.

Displacement Hypothesis and Smartphone Conflict Theory

The Displacement Hypothesis states that the time spent on smartphone replaces meaningful interactions with your partner. According to the second theory, a smartphone is a source of conflict between partners and undermines satisfaction in a relationship.

So in a way smartphones are ruining our relationships. No matter how hard we try to pretend that it does not matter, but deep inside it hurts to see your partner glued to a phone and not acknowledging your presence.

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