Meet Mridula Oberoi, The Model of the month

Meet Mridula Oberoi, The Model of the month

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Outer Beauty Needs to be Complemented with Inner Strength in Modelling World. Here’s a short interview of the very beautiful Mrdula Oberoi with The Lifestyle Journalist team.

Journey Of Mridula Oberoi

Why did you choose modelling as a career?

Mridula Oberoi: I believe in following my passion. Modelling was always in my subconscious mind. And when something is consistently in your subconscious mind, it definitely comes as an opportunity in your life. That’s exactly what happened to me. My tryst with modelling world was my participation in Mrs. India Earth 2016 event, and there was no looking back!

What does it take to make it big in the glamour industry?

Mridula Oberoi: The vision that you have for yourself and where you want to see yourself in life is what works! It has worked for me and is still working.  Keep working hard, believe in yourself and just be you without comparing yourself with anyone.

Mridula Oberoi at The Lifestyle Journalist

What do you love about modelling?

Mridula Oberoi: Self-care! Women have always learnt to take care of everything around and everyone else in life. Be it our husbands, family or society.  So we often ignore ourselves. We lose focus of what we dreamt in life for ourselves. I believe we can do all this more beautifully if first we take care of ourselves. So this profession is all about ‘You’, from your physical beauty to being a confident woman.

What are the perks of being in this industry?

Mridula Oberoi: Sarcastically speaking, there are ‘No early morning wake ups’ in the routine. On a serious note, for me perks would be the immense confidence this profession brings and how it enhances your overall personality.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned in the industry?

Mridula Oberoi: Commitment, punctuality, and self-belief.

How do you see this enigmatic world of fashion?

Mridula Oberoi: It is indeed a virtual (superficial) world, and there is no denying this fact!

How tough is it to constantly look beautiful and fit?

Mridula Oberoi: It is tough and one needs to consistently take care of not only the outer beauty but also the inner self!

If not a model, what would you have been?

Mridula Oberoi: I think I would have been in some other art form. May be a dancer.


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