The Right Way To Take Care Of Your Pet Pup

The Right Way To Take Care Of Your Pet Pup

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Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They are the most loyal beings and can be carried anywhere. Exposing them to different conditions helps them adapt to new places easily.

Man is a social being. He loves to interact not just with the fellow humans but also with other animals. He loves to keep pets and pamper them with all the love and care. Humans are so fond of pets that they even carry them along during vacations. Sometimes, pets are not able to adapt themselves to the new environment. If you are planning to add a new member to the family, keep in mind the following tips to have a great pet-parenting experience.

Expose it to all types of surfaces

Let your pup walk on all types of surfaces like carpet, grass, wood, concrete, gravel, dirt and vinyl. Different textures need different footing and exposing your pet to all types of textures during its growing years will help it walk over any type of surface under its feet.

Offer different types of play objects

Providing your pet with different types of toys such as small balls, big balls, soft toys, metal toys, fuzzy toys, squeaky toys, paper, and supervising the play time would help generate different type of stimulation and also ensure the safety of pup.

Expose it to all locations

Take your puppy to all the areas around the house like kitchen, basement, bathroom, terrace, garage, front yard and back yard and let it have fun experiences so that it knows all the corners of house well.

Introduce it to all age-groups

Introduce your pet to all kind of people like babies, school kids, youngsters, senior citizens, bearded men, and people with walkers or wheelchairs. It’ll make your pup more people-friendly.

Offer new challenges

Help your little bundle of joy enhance its problem solving skills by introducing it to new obstacles. Let it go up and down the stairs, play hide and seek, run around a fence, etc. All this will help your pup develop and adapt better to changes.

Offer meals in different utensils

Make your pet eat in different types of containers such as metal, plastic, bone china, cardboard, paper, pie plate etc. You can also try serving in a food dispensing ball and let it retrieve food throughout the house. Also, making your pup feed at different locations will add to the fun and be a good learning experience.

Expose your pup to noises

Exposing your pup to all different types of sounds will help it overcome the fear of noises. Add as much variety as you can, like traffic noise, loud music, pot breaking, thunders, crowds, sirens, etc.

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