The Month of Love : Anita Pal & Dharam Pal

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Communication + Trust = Long Lasting Relationship

They make a settled and seasoned couple. Diverse in their professions, yet together in their approach towards life. Anita Pal, the wife of senior IAS and Advisor to Chandigarh Administrator Dharam Pal, shares her narrative of what makes the couple a genuinely strong couple and shares the secret of their chemistry. Anita is an educationist by profession and aspires to give her 100% to support her better half, particularly due to his demanding job.

Top tip for a strong relationship
“I think one should keep expectations realistic. Be supportive and understand each other in every situation and condition. Remember, “what you sow, so shall you reap,” she shares.

On her husband being her inspiration
“He strongly inspires me. Being a hard-working bureaucrat, he inspires me a lot in my work and at home. He is supportive and very practical and always open for a fair conversation.”

Common Goal of this Couple
The two strive to become each other’s best friends. Without any judgement, they aim to create a strong bond between them. “I feel we both inspire and motivate each other in every field,” adds Anita.

Communication makes this relationship work
“I feel an open and good communication is what makes our relationship work, because this creates a comfort between us which in turn increases trust and strengthens our bond.”

God created this journey perfectly!
Had there been any other twist in their journey or a change, they would not have been what they are, she concurs. “Had the story been different, we wouldn’t have been a successful couple!”

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