The Most S-paw-cial Friend!

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“I had always wanted a dog,” says Anushca caressing the little Pepper sleeping on her lap. Pepper and Scooby are the tiny stars twinkling her life. Intelligent dogs, ShihTzus are very protective of their home and so are Pepper and Scooby. These cuties never let strangers walk through the door without barking at them.

“Pepper was my thirteenth birthday gift,” Anushca tells us as we sit chatting with her over a cup of coffee. “Ever since then he’s become the most significant part of my life,” she continues. While Pepper is docile— a composed 6-year-old, there’s Scooby who doesn’t pause for even a second. A year-old Scooby is never low on energy.

Anushca tells us a funny story where Pepper who is possessive about her would not allow any of her male friends to enter her room whereas he enjoys the attention of all her girl friends, so much so that he chooses to sit with them when Anushca is busy hosting the group. “At that moment I feel like asking him, where’s your loyalty, Pepper?” laughs Anushca.

From taking her pet to the groomer every month to regular check-ups at the doctor’s, Anushca makes sure nothing’s comprised. Pepper loves chicken and chips while Scooby’s a big fan of roti. It’s a wonder how these small beings are filled with such tremendous amount of love. Josh Billings is absolutely right when he says, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

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