How to build & improve your thinking skills

How to build & improve your thinking skills

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You should always strive to be a good thinker! Gaurav Goswami explains the benefits of embracing correct thinking, which will help you achieve your goals in life.

What is Thinking ?

Thinking is basically a mental process; which helps one define, organize, plan, learn, reflect and create experiences. Scientist says one never stop having the words move through one’s mind, even during sleep.

In fact, human beings can think at the rate of 1300 to 1800 words per minute. This explains why sometimes one’s mind wanders even when one is listening to others.

Why Build your thinking skills ?

One’s mind has all kinds of fleeting thoughts passing at any particular time. The thoughts just on their own will not affect one’s destiny, but if one spends time dwelling upon them, surely then these thoughts will have the power to impact one’s life in every kind of way, both positive and negative.

So the ability to think correctly separates successful people from unsuccessful. Good thinkers have the capacity to solve problems which gives them the recourses to come up with different ideas that augur for a better future. Correct thinking is done consciously and on purpose.

If so, then why is it difficult?

If thinking adds such value then why doesn’t everyone indulge in it? This is because the information that feels familiar is easier to absorb and believable than information that is unfamiliar.

It could be familiar because it may be associated with one’s beliefs, as it is not easy to change one’s thinking pattern.

Thinking is a skill involving the faculty of discrimination. But, to become a correct thinker, it becomes imperative that one needs to put in the required work.

How to improve your thinking skills?

Like any other process that bears fruit, one needs to set a designated time and place to think expecting to generate good thoughts, then only will good ideas prop up.

To become a better thinker one needs to expose oneself to articles, quotes, notes, etc, that stimulate and start the thinking process. The ideas that come out after this process are mostly half-baked, so one needs time to put them in proper shape. At this point one’s job is not complete, one needs others’ input.

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This one gets another perspective, that helps to tackle the idea from all sides, and make it complete. Try to spend as much time as one can with the right kind of people, with whom one can share, and bounce ideas because this gives one the chance to grow.

Always remember ideas fly off very quickly, so it is time to act on one’s idea after one has gone though the above processes, because the real power comes when ideas goes from abstract to application.

Correct thinking takes time and effort to master, but once mastered, one must cherish and enjoy the moment of success, as this will act as an enticer for future endeavors and one will want to keep repeating this thinking pattern for better results.

Always remember thinking is a process, and like any other process, one gets better at it with experience.

Advantages of Build your thinking skills

After acquiring the resources of correct thinking, one raises vital questions and problems. One gets the ability to gather and assess relevant information, using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively to come to reasoned conclusions and solutions.

One becomes open-minded within alternative systems of thought, recognizing and assessing, as need be, their assumptions, implication, and practical consequences. And finally, one communicates effectively with others in figuring out solutions to complex problems.

To a brighter future

It often feels easier to be negative about life, but one doesn’t realize the importance of optimism in life. A human being needs to constantly remind oneself, that the decisions and choices that one makes, determine one’s life.

Take time to learn how to change one’s thinking and become a better thinker, as with this one is investing in oneself and the human mind has a such abundance that never runs out.

Always remember, one who reaches the top ladder in one’s chosen field, will have surely improved one’s ability to think.

In short, thinking correctly takes one beyond beliefs, preconceived ideas and prevailing opinions.

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