Let Go Off Fears: Priya Kumar

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Have you ever discarded the idea of pursuing your passion just because you were afraid you wouldn’t succeed? Have you ever stopped yourself from quitting your job for a better position somewhere else or in a company you aspired to work in because you were afraid you wouldn’t clear the interview?

Our fears are like relatives who do not want to see us succeed. They are there at every turn to belittle you and make you believe that no matter what you do, it isn’t enough. 

So how do you deal with those relatives?

You accept their petty reality and promise yourself to do better for yourself! They won’t change, that’s a given, but you surely can change your viewpoint about their role in your life. Suppose you could see that their negativity has the power to fuel your determination, than in proving them wrong by doing incredible things you were meant to do. In that case, you are converting their negativity into positive karma. Our fears, including the negativity from the environment, are just an evolutionary mechanism that our body has designed to overcome obstacles and charge forward. 

Break it down! Embrace it!

Have you ever eaten a King Maharaja Burger? Isn’t it a tiresome thing to eat? The only thing that makes eating possible is taking small bites! We tend to make our fears bigger than they are. Break down your fear into pieces, list them down and handle those pieces individually. Once they are listed out in the open, they lose their power over you. Now you have exposed them to the universe, and nothing is ever more significant than the universe except your goals and dreams!

Let Go

Fear often makes you question the promising possibilities. List down your worries and visualise the best thing that could happen if you take action. Then list down what’s the worst that could happen. More often than not, the worst-case scenarios are more significant in our imagination than in our reality, and once seen rationally; they lose their power. So give yourself the chance to see both sides of the coin.

Take a Leap of faith.

Have you ever mulled over the thought, “Why do they believe in me so much? I don’t think I deserve that.” Now think again, is it you or your fear talking? Have faith in your abilities and trust the people around you. They have a perspective and opinion about you that is evident. Your worries do not cloud their judgement about your potential. If you fear failure, then prepare in such a way that there is absolutely nothing that can hold you back from achieving your desired results.

Your past doesn’t determine your future.

Fear is often ingrained because of our past failures. However, you need to realise that the past does not equal the future. You are gifted with your present and your skills to learn from your past, overcome your fear and design a lot that aligns with your goals and dreams. Use your yesterdays as a reference in your present to build a successful future.  Fear can be your foe or a friend. All it takes to look beyond your fear is to understand that it can be either a stepping stone to your dream life or a giant boulder!  The choice is yours!

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By Priya Kumar

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