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Goal for 2022- Peace of Mind

Peace cannot be enforced from outside or come as a result of external circumstances. It is a consequence of how we are (within ourselves). The most noteworthy work is to calm the chattering mind! Everything else will come on its own. Peace of mind is not situational and it does not mean that one will

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Originated in Ancient India and been in practice for five thousand years, the disciplines of yoga provide the foundation for an individual’s overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Here is an interesting column with Dr. Sapna Nanda, Principal, Government College of Yoga Education & Health Chandigarh, on yoga and beyond. Dr. Sapna Nanda has authored

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7 tips for a fit summer body!

As the summer makes its way, you might be worried about those extra kilos you have put on during winters! Here are some quick tips to remind you how to get back in shape these summers to help you fit in your formals or your favourite attire. Know your workout schedules – Regular exercise is

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Luxurious Candles to Light Up at Home with A La Folie

Scents Of Desire: A La Folie is a brand handcrafting über luxurious candles with private blends of complex fragrances, playing on notoriously seductive and indulgent notes. Whatever the occasion, candles heighten the timelessness of the moment and our fragrances have been designed to evoke the poet in you, leaving lingering memories in its wake. Á

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Let Go Off Fears: Priya Kumar

Have you ever discarded the idea of pursuing your passion just because you were afraid you wouldn’t succeed? Have you ever stopped yourself from quitting your job for a better position somewhere else or in a company you aspired to work in because you were afraid you wouldn’t clear the interview? Our fears are like

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By Lippi Parida It is the month of love with a day dedicated to a saint who supported it. Saint Valentine, the Catholic priest, lived in the 3rd century and was punished for a rite that he performed against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, a pagan. He married Roman soldiers secretly when it was

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Honoring the Queen of Melody : Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar was a true gem of India who illuminated the entire nation with her music career, leaving behind an unmatchable legacy when she breathed her last on February 6, The ‘Queen of Melody’ dedicated seven decades of her life to the Indian Music Industry; as we go down the memory lane together and pay

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The Month of Love : Ritu Beri & Bobby Chadha

Ritu Beri is a name synonym with matchless class and fashion. Ritu is the founder of ‘Ritu Beri Designs’ and ‘The Luxury League’ and is among India’s leading fashion designers, taking the country’s name global. Her husband, Bobby Chadha, Managing Director of SRC Aviation, matches and compliments her personality. Here is a crisp conversation with

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The Art of CHILD CARE: A Must-Read for all Parents

Parenting is an art! At the same time, it’s a roller coaster ride, and one never feels having done enough or having done it right. Most of us will agree that there is always a certain amount of guilt attached to parenthood! However, taking care of children and raising them to be fine human beings,

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The Month of Love & Taking Care of Sentiments

Kanwalpreet Singh & Rampreet Kaur Kanwalpreet Singh is an actor and singer. Rampreet is an international anchor working at a Punjabi Channel. “Accepting rather than expecting” is their top tip! “Stop looking at the loopholes and start looking at the good things you have,” they opine. For this duo, inspiration comes from deep within, from

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The Month of Love: Kuldeep Bishnoi & Renuka Bishnoi

‘Be flexible and accommodate each other’ They got married at a young age and have been together for 30 years now. The beautiful couple- Kuldeep and Renuka, set couple goals with their tremendous understanding and one-pointed focus on the former’s political career. Son and daughter-in-law of three times Chief Minister of Haryana and veteran politician

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The Month of Love : Jagat & Asha

“Give importance to family time. I regret not doing that.”-Jagat Ram Dr Jagat Ram is a leading Ophthalmologist and former Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh. He completed 42 years 4 months of medical services to PGI Chandigarh in October 2021. He was Head of the prestigious Advanced Eye

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Mahima Makwana: The Radiant New Face of Bollywood

The stunning Mahima Makwana has made an applauding splash as she stepped into the glamorous world of Bollywood with the most significant debut one can ask for! Here is a candid conversation with the actress playing the love interest opposite Aayush Sharma in the movie ‘Antim’, starring Salman Khan as the male protagonist. What is

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The Month of Love : Mandira Wirk & Hardip Wirk

“Respecting Boundaries and Living with Love” Mandira Wirk is a fashion designer based in New Delhi whose designs exude elegance and grace. Her work has been displayed on National levels, making her one of the prominent designers of the country. Mandira’s husband, Hardeep Wirk, is a corporate lawyer, and together they have built a thriving

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The Month of Love : Anita Pal & Dharam Pal

Communication + Trust = Long Lasting Relationship They make a settled and seasoned couple. Diverse in their professions, yet together in their approach towards life. Anita Pal, the wife of senior IAS and Advisor to Chandigarh Administrator Dharam Pal, shares her narrative of what makes the couple a genuinely strong couple and shares the secret

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Inspiring Medico-couples

“Be what you are.”Kumar Gaurav Dhavan & Shruti Kumar Gaurav Dhavan, IRS officer, is the Deputy Director of PGIMER, Chandigarh. Gaurav believes in ‘being what you are’ and ‘letting your spouse do the same. “Accepting the ups and downs in a relationship is important. Marriage is a commitment for life,” he says. Shruti greatly inspires

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